Fact Sheets

The decision to build can be exciting, monumentous, daunting and even a mix of all three at various times throughout the construction phase. However, a good architect will be on hand to help throughout the process, explaining approval procedures and guiding you through the various stages of the build.

In this section you will find a range of handy fact sheets to help you get started, with information on building new homes and extensions as well as traversing more difficult areas such as Brisbane's Waterway codes, Building Location Envelopes and Small Lots.

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Approval Process For Building a New Home CLICK HERE
While each and every project varies, there are some standard procedures that all new builds in Brisbane need to go through in order to gain approval.

Approval Process for Home Extensions CLICK HERE

Whether you need to upsize, modernise, renovate or part detonate, a house extension and alteration can make very good sense - especially in today’s current economic climate. While navigating through the construction process can be challenging, a good architect will be able to help, explaining approval procedures and guiding you through the various stages of the build.

Adding a Pool or Garden Pavilion CLICK HERE

A pool or garden pavilion can be a desirable addition to the amenity and use of the existing features of your home. Professional assistance will help to ensure the design is in harmony with the existing buildings and surroundings.

Designing with a Waterways Corridor CLICK HERE
A Waterways corridor is identified by the Brisbane City Council from aerial mapping. The corridor is created by establishing a 30 meter zone either side of the centreline of an identified waterway from its point of origin to the sea, via normally dry gullies and on to established creeks and rivers within the Brisbane area.

Designing with a Building Location Envelope CLICK HERE
A Building Location Envelope (BLE) is generally imposed by council at the time of creating an acreage sub division. The BLE is created to limit the impact that construction of a new home may have on the natural environment, by pre determining the location and ‘spread’ of the proposed house, garaging, pool, tennis court or indeed any other site works.